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Netherlands: Aid money for non-European Migrants counterproductive
Since two years, 34 Dutch communities with a high share of Moroccan and Carribean inhabitants have been receiving special aid money to reduce joblessness and school dropouts. But both problems got worse in exactly those communities that received the aid money.
78% of Norwegians against EU-membership
78.3% - No 14.3% - Yes 7.5% - No opinion
Baltic sea pipeline "Nord Stream" opens
The 1224 km pipeline, which is the longest undersea pipeline in the world, was opened on 8th November 2011. In the final configuration it will be able to transport 55 billion cubic meters of gas per year to Western Europe, which is enough for 26 million households. It runs directly from Russia to Germany and should increase supply security by avoiding transit countries.
USA: Obama refuses to fullfill subpoena
Photovoltaics-producer Solyndra got a 500 Million loan guarantee shortly before bankruptcy, the House Energy and Commerce Committee, which is investigating the affair succeeded in securing a subpoena for opening up the documents about the affair. However Obama, who was involved in granting the loan guarantee, simply refuses to comply and does not hand over the documents.
USA, Ethiopia: New base for unmanned battle planes operational
The US-Air Force has invested millions of dollars to upgrade an airfield in Arba Minch, Ethi­o­pia, where it has built a small annex to house a fleet of drones that can be equipped with Hellfire missiles and satellite-guided bombs.
Euro-bailouts: China concerned about "throwing away country's wealth"
Li Daokui, a member of China’s central bank monetary policy committee, said: ‘It is in China’s long-term and intrinsic interest to help Europe because they are our biggest trading partner but the chief concern of the Chinese government is how to explain this decision to our own people. The last thing China wants is to throw away the country’s wealth and be seen as just a source of dumb money.’
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CNN-reporters want to "kick out" sole antiwar presidential candidate

There are eight serious contenders for the Republican presidential nomination for 2012 - and seven are for continuation of Bush's and Obama's wars and maybe even a new war in Iran. Ron Paul is the only one who disagrees - and CNN reporters made clear that they will "ignore him" and kicking out candidates is their "business".

Ron Paul is doing very well in straw polls and is ranked in the top three as a fundraiser. Yet CNN reporter Roger Simon said: "The media doesn't believe he has a hoot in hell's chance of winning the Iowa caucuses, the Republican nomination or winning the presidency, so we're gonna ignore him. " and CNN anchorman Howard Kurtz agrees: "We are in the business of kicking candidates out of the race"

In a recent CBS debate about US foreign policy, all eight contenders were invited to a debate, but Ron Paul only got to answer 2 questions and received a total of only 89 seconds of speaking time - or 258 words from a total of 6380, less than half than any other candidate and less than a quarter than media-darlings Romney and Perry. In other words, only about 4% of the airtime was dedicated to the antiwar candidate, while the other 96% were filled by seven pro-war candidates, which proves Roger Simon correct: It is not just CNN, but indeed most of the mainstream media which is unwilling to give Ron Paul a level playing field.

If the CNN reporters are correct and Ron Paul does not get the Republican nomination, then Americans will only get to choose between two pro-war candidates, just like in the last election. In that case it does not matter who wins because the wars will continue in any case and can be stopped only by fiscal constraints.

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