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Spacecraft Snaps First Close-Up Photo of Huge Asteroid Vesta
_NASA's Dawn spacecraft has beamed home the first close-up photo of the huge asteroid Vesta, just days after entering orbit around the distant space rock.
Birth of an Alien Planet Possibly Detected Near Young Star
Researchers may have spotted a new alien planet coalescing out of the dusty disk surrounding a young star — an observation that, if confirmed, would be a cosmic first.
Earth changes orbit of asteroid
A tiny 1-meter asteroid made the closest-ever measured approach to our planet without hitting it, which completely changed it's orbit around the sun.
Geological activity in Africa leads to slow breakup of the continent
The unexpected eruption of the vulcan Nabro in Eritrea shows that the African continent is starting to break apart. For a geological process this also happens very rapidly.
7th-nearest star discovered
Scientists using data from NASA's Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) have discovered the coldest class of star-like bodies, with temperatures as cool as the human body.
New fossil finds in China advances evolutionary history of mammals
The shrew-like creature is the earliest known example of an animal whose kind evolved to provide nourishment to their unborn through a placenta.
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Russian for NASA-Astronauts

This text was excerpted from: Астронавты NASA теперь вынуждены учить русский язык , Катерина Шорина,, 2011 (ru)

In connection with the end of the Space-Shuttle program, NASA has organized Russian-language courses, which will be necessary for further flights into space.

As reported by, astronauts who will "move to" Soyus-spacecraft, will have to master the Russian language at the appropriate level to ensure normal working conditions. The Italian Astronaut Roberto Wittori has said that in his opinion, the number of future astronauts will be reduced drastically. Preference will not be given to experienced but young Astronauts. NASA has already reserved the necessary seats on board of Soyus spacecraft.
Астронавты NASA теперь вынуждены учить русский язык Катерина Шоринаrusskiymir.ru07/27/2011ru
В NASA астронавты учат русский языкmemoid.ruru
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