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Italy: Is the souvereign debt crisis a chance for South Tyrol?
The growing unrest in the German-speaking South Tyrol and the waning power of Rome during the debt-crisis may open up an opportunity to gain freedom for South Tyrol.
NATO pays $160/month for "ex" Taliban fighters
Afghan men who complete a questionnaire explaining their reasons for joining the insurgency can enter the "reintegration programme" and receive £100/month from NATO - and they can keep their guns.
Italy: One nation or several?
The austerity demanded of Italy to deal with its debt crisis is adding kindling to secessionist fires in the north, where the Lega Nord seeks independence.
CNN-reporters want to "kick out" sole antiwar presidential candidate
There are eight serious contenders for the Republican presidential nomination for 2012 - and seven are for continuation of Bush's and Obama's wars and maybe even a new war in Iran. Ron Paul is the only one who disagrees - and CNN reporters made clear that they will "ignore him" and kicking out candidates is their "business".
Netherlands: Aid money for non-European Migrants counterproductive
Since two years, 34 Dutch communities with a high share of Moroccan and Carribean inhabitants have been receiving special aid money to reduce joblessness and school dropouts. But both problems got worse in exactly those communities that received the aid money.
78% of Norwegians against EU-membership
78.3% - No 14.3% - Yes 7.5% - No opinion
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USA: Short Summary of Solyndra scandal

In 2009, the Obama administration invested half a billion dollars in an unproven upstart energy company which was largely owned by Oklahoma's wealthiest man and Obama fundraiser George B. Kaiser via two investment vehicles. The company went bankrupt in September 2011, just as predicted two years earlier.

_In 2009, in the week before the 535 million loan guarantee was approved, billionaire George B. Kaiser, who personally donated $53,500 to Obama’s election campaign (and indirectly through Solyndra and his "investment vehicles" a lot more), visited the White House four times, according to visitor logs. In sum, he was responsible for 16 out of 20 visits to the White House by Solyndra officials. One Department of Energy staffer even wrote just days before the loan was officially announced: “[Solyndra] seems to agree that the model runs out of cash in Sept. 2011.” - A prediction which turned out to be accurate.

Two of Solyndra's largest investors are Argonaut Ventures I, L.L.C. and the GKFF Investment Company, LLC. Both firms are "investment vehicles" of the George Kaiser Family Foundation of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Interesting (and very unusual) is that Argonaut Ventures was given the first priority of creditors to be repaid in the case of bankruptcy. (All other private investors of course are far behind in the list and will therefore lose all their money.) According to US law 10 C.F.R. §609.10, the U.S. government should become the highest priority creditor, but of course the Obama administration would have to execute this law. During the time the company had operating losses, the Kaiser foundations could offset them with earnings to gain tax benefits. Meanwhile Energy Department officials pressed Solyndra to hold off on a layoff announcement until after the 2010 midterm elections.

In September 2011, Solyndra finally went bankrupt and a Congressional investigation of the matter was started. Initially, the investigation was greeted by Solyndra executives who invoked their right to remain silent and a White House unwilling to cooperate. After the investigators secured a subpoena, the White House at first only released a part of the documents and a speaker made the statement that to release the rest would be a "significant intrusion on executive branch interests," a statement revealing the moral degeneration and complete lack of understanding of "checks and balances" by the Obama administration. After a public outcry, Obama changed his mind and promised to fullfill the subpoena, however the White House still missed the deadline for doing so.

Finally, in November, Steven Chu, secretary of the Department of Energy, in a bold move took responsibility while at the same time refused to take any blame. He said that at the time he thought that giving half a billion dollars to an unproven upstart company was "in the best interest of the taxpayer" and of course he didn't know that his own staff predicted the bankruptcy. Chu also denies that political considerations had any influence in his decision and the fact that the primary owner of Solyndra was an Obama fundraiser was just an accident. However even Steve Mitchell, the managing director of Argonaut Ventures, wrote in an email in 2010: “The DOE really thinks politically before it thinks economically.”

The bigger picture

Solyndra is not an isolated case, in fact many Obama fundraisers have received government loans, some of them much more than Solyndra:

  • Brighsource Energy received $1.6 billion. The "senior advisor" is Robert Kennedy Jr., an early Obama backer.
  • Solar reserve received $737 million. The main investor is Micheal Froman who raised $500,000 for Obama.
  • Abound Solar received $400 million. A key investor is billionaire heiress Pat Stryker, who financed Obama's inaugural party with $87,000 and the Democratic Party with hundreds of thousands more.
  • Granite Reliable Wind Generation received $169 million. The majority owner is a firm which was run by Nancy Ann DeParle, who is now White House deputy chief of staff.

These facts should immediately make clear why billionaires usually embrace higher taxes and fund socialists or even communists. After all, they usually get their billions from the taxpayer.
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