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Finnish Member of Parliament calls for tanks to crush strikes in Greece
MP Jussi Halla-aho, who is also chairman of the parliamentary administration committee wrote that the Greek government should use military force against workers on strike.
Polish finance minister threatens with war should Euro fail
Jacek Rostowski, finance minister of Poland, currently EU precidency country, says that the Euro has to be saved at any price, otherwise a war is likely.
Is a "western-style" central bank the real reason for the Libyan war?
Already on 19th of March 2011, the "Transitional National Council" has promised in probably their first official act a "western-style" central bank.
Libya: First clashes between Rebel factions
The first in what is expected to be a number of clashes erupting in post-Gadhafi Libya, fighting today broke out between rebel groups in the Nafusa mountains today, leaving at least 12 killed and 16 others wounded.
Turkey threatens Cyprus over natural gas
Ironically Turkey's EU-minister wants to undertake a military intervention to prevent Cyprus from conducting test drillings for natural gas in the Mediterranean.
Short summary of The 9/11 Commission Report
When we talk about the "official version" of the 9/11 events, usually a mixture of official and unofficial sources is meant. We look at the only really official source, the 9/11 commission report and answer the questions: What is in it? And: What is missing?
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Why are there no protests against the war in Libya?

This text was excerpted from: Libyenkrieg: Sag mir, wo die Peaceniks sind!, Robert Grözinger, eigentümlich frei, 2011 (de)

There are no peace-protests against the deployment of Western military in Libya. Two years after 9/11 over 10 million demonstrated against the looming Iraq-war, most of them in Europe. In Berlin alone over 500,000 demonstrated on the streets. And today?

Barack Obama, the current American president is still held in wide circles as specially left, specially hip and specially cool. As a consequence, it would be very uncool to protest against Obama. To protest against somebody who one had previously celebrated as a new messiah would be a public admission of one's blindness, or even stupidity. But Barack Obama was voted into office for his promise to make things differently than his predecessor. Additionally, the Nobel Peace Price was awarded to Obama as he has not even warmed-up his chair in the Oval Office. To protest against somebody who in full continuity with George W. Bush shoots cruise missiles on Libya but also attacks Pakistan with drones would reveal the utter embarrassment of the Nobel Peace Price Committee. Therefore not only the do-gooder masses remain silent, but also most the intellectual chattering-class socialists, whose statements are always gladly and speedily taken up by the mainstream-media and are able to move the masses if they want to.

Justin Raimundo, editor of "", wrote already in 2010: "Progressives have made a deal with the devil. And the bargain is this: they’ll shut up about murdering innocent Afghan and Pakistani civilians, about US assassination squads, and about the wholesale assault on our civil liberties, if they can get the goodies they want here at home: more government spending, more government employees, and more government period."

It is conspicuous that the Germany's first war of aggression - the war in Yugoslavia - was lead by a leftist government. It was started shortly after the first government since Hitler that was made up completely without bourgeous groups. The outburst of rage of leftist/green Fischer against liberal foreign minister Guido Westerwelle because of the missing opportunity of German troops to walk in Rommel's footsteps in the sand, shows that this is not an accident. A very large part of the left is revealing their lust for war, as soon as their are in power. That is consistent with the philosophical foundation of the leftist project, which proposes that the perfect world can be planned and realized with force. The - in large parts leftist - peace movement has shown by their silence while confronted with the war in Libya that they were never really interested in peace but only in the transformation of the world along leftist ideals. With violence, if necessary.

Libyenkrieg: Sag mir, wo die Peaceniks sind!Robert Grözingereigentümlich frei09/28/2011de
Whatever Happened to the Antiwar Movement?Justin Raimondoantiwar.com10/27/2010
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