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United Kingdom: Nurse is praying while patient is dying
In a care-home, 87-year old patient fell to the floor, causing a cut on her head and a gash to her hip. The agency nurse was praying and refusing to help.
South Africa: "Witch" Brutally Murdered
A 15-year old girl was killed by 5 relatives because they believed she was a witch and removing her intestines would cure her.
Germany: Cigarettes for Sex With Stepfather
_A man payed for the "sexual services" of his stepdaughter in cigarettes.
United Kingdom: Teachers Strike Because of Dangerous Students
About 40 teachers went on strike because the headmaster and board of governors have failed to support them in tackling dangerous behaviour by unruly children.
USA: IQ-Tests for Firefighters are "Racism"
_New York City allegedly used IQ-testing to keep Blacks and Latinos off the Fire department. A federal judge ordered the city pay $128 million in damages.
Morocco: Girl driven to suicide by family court
To prevent jail for a rapist, a family court ordered the marriage with his victim. The 16-year old bride committed suicide.
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Chanting "USA" is racist

After a high school basketball game, the athletic director of the losing team complained about the crowd which chanted "USA! USA! USA!". This was pure racism, said a spokesperson and the racist chanters were reprimanded.

Alamo Heights High School, which is made up mostly of white students, beat Edison High, which is predominantly Hispanic, in the Region IV-4A championship in San Antonio on Saturday. As Alamo players celebrated the win on the court, a large group of students began cheering “USA! USA!”

Leslie Price, a spokesperson for the San Antonio ISD said the “USA, USA” chant was racially motivated and “very disrespectful.”

As punishment, Alamo Heights students who were involved in the chanting will not be allowed to attend the team’s remaining state title games.

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