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Egypt: Chevrolet Logo Is Insulting
_A Salafi sheikh in Egypt has reportedly issued a fatwa that buying [or driving] a Chevrolet vehicle is unacceptable ("haram") for muslims because the American brand’s logo looks like the Christian cross.
United Kingdom: Islamist Pilot Sues Airline For Job Discrimination
_A British airline pilot arrested over an alleged Islamist terrorist plot is claiming racial and religious discrimination after losing his job.
Turkey: It's OK to kill the wife - says police chief
_"A man is allowed to kill his wife, even after a divorce, if she as the mother of his children is behaving in a way that is unacceptable to him." says Hasan Yağar, a retired police chief.
Australia: Prime Minister Flees From Protesters
_Aboriginal protesters have ambushed Prime Minister Julia Gillard, who is from the Australian Labor Party, in a restaurant.
Indonesia: Man arrested for atheistic Facebook-Posting
31-year-old Alexander Aan faces a maximum prison sentence of five years for posting “God does not exist” on Facebook. The civil servant was attacked and beaten by an angry mob of dozens who entered his government office at the Dharmasraya Development Planning Board on Wednesday. The Indonesian man was taken into protective police custody Friday since he was afraid of further physical assault.
USA: It is Criminal Not to Hire Criminals
Pepsi has to pay $3.1 million for using criminal background checks to screen out job applicants.
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Saudi Arabia: Death penalty for three Tweets?

After publishing six sentences, among them "I will not pray for you [Mohammed]", a 23-year old journalist had to flee to Malaysia because of public outrage. Now he has been extradited to Saudi-Arabia where he is facing the death penalty for blasphemy, which is requested by over 13,000 on Facebook.

_The journalist Hamsa Kashgari had conducted a ficticious talk with the prophet Mohammed:

"On your birthday I will say that I loved the rebel in you, that you were a source of inspiration and that I don't like your gloriole. I will not pray for you."

"On your birthday, I see you whereever I look. I loved aspects of you, hated others and many I did not understand."

"On your birthday I will not bow down and will not kiss your hand. Instead I will shake your hand, as equals do. And I will smile as you will smile. I will only talk to you like to a friend.

Kashgari apologized after tens of thousands angry reactions. A high-ranking Islamic comittee declared him as an "unbeliever" and demanded legal action against him. Over 13.000 Moslems joined a Facebook-page which is demanding his execution. Kashgari fled to Malaysia, a country that has reputation as a moderate Islamic country.

Kashgari was arrested directly at his arrival in Kuala Lumpur airport (on Februrar 9) on grounds of an Interpol arrest warrant. He was extradicted to Saudi-Arabia a few days later.

I Saudi-Arabia, desecration of the Qur'an, blasphemy and apostacy can be punished by death for men and livelong imprisionment for women.

Picture: Executions in Saudi-Arabia are traditionally public beheadings with a saber.

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Firebombing for Sharia-Edition of satirical magazine 11/03/2011
Islamists call for murder of talkmaster David Letterman 08/20/2011
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