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Microsoft's Market Share falls under 15% for Webservers
_Recently, the market share of Microsoft's IIS-webserver fell below 15% in all market segments. Additional competition and forced upgrades make a contiued decline of the product very likely.
Germany: Linux-Migration in Munich successful
The municipal government of the city of Munich has already migrated 3/4 of it's 12,000 workstations from Windows to Linux. The project garnered international recognition because Microsoft-CEO Steve Ballmer flew to Munich and tried to stop it.
Microsoft: "We have no obligation to return data to you."
The terms of service of the Windows store allow Microsoft to "change or discontinue certain apps or content offered in the Windows Store at any time, for any reason," and explains that "If the Windows Store, an app, or any content is changed or discontinued, your data could be deleted or you may not be able to retrieve data you have stored", but if you are lucky "we may refund to you the amount you paid for the license,"
The Russian space program needs programmers
"The Russian space industry has problems with software. The best programmers went and there are no young people."
Thorium may be a better fuel for nuclear power than Uranium
According to Virginia-based company Lightbridge, “it dramatically reduces the amount of waste in the reactor, reduces the toxicity of the waste coming out of the reactor, and doesn't produce any weapons usable materials,” and it is also three times more abundant than uranium, the element currently used in nuclear plants.
Russia: Laser scanner against drunk drivers
The new invention, dubbed “Bouton” (flower bud), was demonstrated at the XV Anniversary International Exhibition of Police and Military Equipment – ‘Interpolitex’ – held in Moscow from 25 to 28 October. Bouton can trace even the most subtle fumes of ethanol in a car passing by at up to 150 km per hour. According to its manufacturer, it works in all weather conditions and requires no complex maintenance.
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"Ghetto-Detection" patented

Microsoft has been granted a patent that uses the latest crime statistics to direct GPS-users around dangerous areas.

_Created for mobile phones, the technology uses the latest crime statistics and weather data and includes them when calculating a route. It also includes mechanisms for inserting both obvious advertisements and weighted recommendations into the routes being generated, including mechanisms that would allow for payments based on the success of getting device users to actually stop at locations that have inserted advertising or recommendations into the navigation system.
Microsoft Patents ‘Avoid Ghetto’ Feature For GPS DevicesCBS Seattle01/06/2012
Microsoft Patents Bad Neighborhood DetectionDavid ChernicoffByte01/07/2012
United States Patent 8,090,532US Patent Office01/03/2012
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