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Austria: Cardinal Puts Preaching Ban on Imam
_Cardinal Christoph Schönborn puts a preaching ban on Imam Shaker Assem who preached in a Catholic endowment organization.
Pakistan: Anti-Valentine Protests
_An Islamist group prostests against Valentine's Day.
Sweden: Snowed-in for two months in a car
_A 45-year old Swede allegedly has survived from mid-December to mid-February by eating snow after getting stuck on a forest road in Northern Sweden. Being severly emaciated and with hypothermia, the man was rescued from his car.
Maldives: Buddhist Statues Destroyed By Islamists
Muslims stormed into the National Museum in Male and destroyed almost 30 Buddhist statues — some dating to the sixth century. Officials say the loss to this island nation’s archaeological legacy can never be made up.
Saudi Arabia: Death penalty for three Tweets?
_After publishing six sentences, among them "I will not pray for you [Mohammed]", a 23-year old journalist had to flee to Malaysia because of public outrage. Now he has been extradited to Saudi-Arabia where he is facing the death penalty for blasphemy, which is requested by over 13,000 on Facebook.
Egypt: Chevrolet Logo Is Insulting
_A Salafi sheikh in Egypt has reportedly issued a fatwa that buying [or driving] a Chevrolet vehicle is unacceptable ("haram") for muslims because the American brand’s logo looks like the Christian cross.
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South Africa: Health department blames Excel for loss of 4 million

According to the chief of a provincial health department, they had so much assets that it did no longer "fit" into Excel. The rest, 33 Million Rand (~$4M US, 3M€) has unfortunately been lost.

_Daisy Mafubela (picture), the chief of the health department of the South African province of Limpopo, which has a population of over 5 million people, blames Excel for the loss of the equivalent of $4 million.

A committee has found irregularities in office supplies in the fiscal year 2009-2010. Miss Mafubela justified this by declaring that the department had so much to manage that the result would no longer fit into Microsoft Excel. However, she admitted that their current asset management system was inadequate.

The committee, which reportedly was mostly asleep despite Red Bull consumtion, seemingly found this explanation credible, because the only consequence of the affair are 13 million Rand (~$1M) for a new "asset management system" for the health department.

One committee-member accused Mafubela that this only happened because her department was too lazy to print out the documents - however in what way this would have prevented the Excel problem remains unclear.

Mafubela will probably keep her post.

‘Jammer, bates pas nie op Excel’Marietie Louw-CarstensBeeld02/28/2012(af)
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