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Germany: Labor Office Fears Debt-Crisis-Refugees
Because immigration into Germany may "become a bottomless pit", the German labor office cancels all welfare to foreigneres who are jobless for less than three months.
Immoral Temptations
The story about bailed-out Nobel prize winners, the central bank, the SEC and how one bailout changed the whole banking sector.
Ireland Is Seeking Haircut
An Irish member of government said that a reduction of the debt would influence the upcoming referendum on the European Stability Mechanism (ESM).
Why there cannot be a perpetual boom
The central bank is trying to create the next bubble with new money to achieve another boom.
ECB-loans good for government, bad for everybody else
_Companies and private persons hardly gain by the money glut which was created by the European Central Bank - the banks use most of the money for buying government bonds and other speculative financial papers.
The Dot-com Bubble
_The American central bank lowered from 1990 to 1992 the prime interest rate from 9.375% to 3% and thereby caused the Dot-com Bubble.
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Iceland Considers Adopting Canadian Dollars

Iceland’s Prime Minister Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir said in a speech that the country will opt for the euro or another currency, probably the Canadian Dollar.

_The Canadian ambassador in Iceland has confirmed that the Canadian central bank is willing to negotiate with Iceland about using the Canadian dollar in Iceland. Rumors about that have been in circulation since mid-2011, after Canadian representative have visited Iceland to discuss the idea. Members of the progress party were sympathetic to the idea, but there was not much public support. In early 2011, representatives of the central banks of Iceland and Canada met to conduct informal talks about the topic.

The Prime Minister proclaimed that “the situation can’t remain unchanged, the choice is between surrendering the sovereignty of Iceland in monetary policy unilaterally adopting the currency of another country or become a member of the EU.”

Iceland to pick new currencyMichael Babad03/12/2012
Iceland considering switch to Canadian dollar03/13/2012
Iceland Will Adopt Euro or Other Currency, Prime Minister SaysOmar R. Valdimarsson03/10/2012
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