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Stable Version of Firefox planned
_The Firefox-developers react to the displeasure of users caused by the short release-cycle and has announced versions which shall be officially supported for about a year.
"Ghetto-Detection" patented
_Microsoft has been granted a patent that uses the latest crime statistics to direct GPS-users around dangerous areas.
Microsoft's Market Share falls under 15% for Webservers
_Recently, the market share of Microsoft's IIS-webserver fell below 15% in all market segments. Additional competition and forced upgrades make a contiued decline of the product very likely.
Germany: Linux-Migration in Munich successful
The municipal government of the city of Munich has already migrated 3/4 of it's 12,000 workstations from Windows to Linux. The project garnered international recognition because Microsoft-CEO Steve Ballmer flew to Munich and tried to stop it.
Microsoft: "We have no obligation to return data to you."
The terms of service of the Windows store allow Microsoft to "change or discontinue certain apps or content offered in the Windows Store at any time, for any reason," and explains that "If the Windows Store, an app, or any content is changed or discontinued, your data could be deleted or you may not be able to retrieve data you have stored", but if you are lucky "we may refund to you the amount you paid for the license,"
The Russian space program needs programmers
"The Russian space industry has problems with software. The best programmers went and there are no young people."
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Miniature Robot Removes Stomach Cancer From Within

Singaporean researchers have created a miniature robot that can remove early-stage stomach cancers without leaving any scars.

Mounted on an endoscope, the robot enters the patient's gut through the mouth. It has a pincer to hold tissue, a hook that slices cancerous tissue off and a tiny camera by which the surgeon can see what's inside the gut and control the robot.

Lawrence Ho, who helped design the robot, said the robot helped remove early-stage stomach cancers in five patients in India and Hong Kong, using a fraction of the time normally taken in open and keyhole surgeries that put patients at higher risk of infection and leave behind scars.

Stomach, or gastric, cancer is the second leading cause of cancer deaths worldwide and is particularly common in east Asia.

Experts Build Crab-Like Robot to Remove Stomach CancerTan Ee LynInternational Business Times02/01/2012
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