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Switzerland: Direct democracy keeps the government from growing
_In a study the government finances of all 25 Swiss cantons during 110 years were examined. The more the citizens in a canton were able to decide over the spending of government money, the better the shape of government finances are.
Obama sells 84 F-15 fighter planes to Saudi Arabia
_In an effort to realign its defense policies in the Persian Gulf to keep Iran in check, US-president Obama has finalized a deal to sell 84 new F-15SA fighter planes to Saudi-Arabia for $30 billion.
Qaddafi's Daughter Seeking Asylum in Israel
The new Libyan regime requests extradition to Libya, where she fears being persecuted.
Turkey blamed for forest fires in Greece
_According to the Turkish Birgun newspaper, former Prime Minister Mesut Yilmas said that the Turkish secret service has caused forest fires on Greek islands near the Turkish coast. Later, Yilmas claimed that he has been misquoted and denies everything.
Russia: Biggest Protest Rally in 20 Years
Russians unhappy with the results of the December 4 parliamentary elections have demanded a new ballot in the biggest opposition rally since the fall of the Soviet Union.
Climate conference decides to hold climate conference
The most important goal of every organization is it's own survival. On the climate conference in Durban this has been again confirmed, because the only tangible result is to hold yet another climate conference. But that was decided quite successfully, as all member states have agreed.
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Summary of situation around Hormuz

Also, the US has given 84 F-15 fighter jets to ally Saudi-Arabia, has declared to continue the drone campaign in Iran and has moved aircraft carrier Carl Vinson into the Arabian Sea, which has joined aircraft carrier John C. Stennis, which has been already stationed outside of the Strait of Hormuz.

_The Pentagon has declared that the troops in Kuwait “based on the need” in the Middle East, the Pentagon conceded Friday, denying the recent influx is aimed squarely at Iran. A military official told Army Times that it’s likely the U.S. will have a “continued presence in Kuwait, similar to before 2003.”

Tension between Iran and the United States has ratcheted up in recent weeks, with Iran threatening to close the Strait of Hormuz (through which one-fifth of the world's oil shipments passes) if sanctions are imposed on the Iranian oil industry to punish the country for its nuclear program. U.S. officials have said Iran will be stopped if it tries to make good on its threat.

A few days ago, aircraft carrier Carl Vinson joined the aircraft carrier John C. Stennis in the Arabian Sea, giving commanders major naval and air assets in case Iran carries out its recent threats to close the Strait of Hormuz, a strategic choke point in the Persian Gulf through which one-fifth of the world's oil shipments passes. The USS C. Stennis was recently involved in freeing 13 Iranian fishermen in the Gulf of Oman, which were held hostage by Somalian pirates.

Picture: Aircraft Carrier USS C. Stennis, 2007

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