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Tuesday, 01/01/2013
Pakistan: YouTube Allowed And Banned In Three Minutes
_Because of the movie-trailer "The Innocence of Muslims" the Pakistani government has decided to ban all YouTube access. After three months of criticism, the government decided to allow access to YouTube again - but only for three minutes.
Saturday, 12/29/2012
Austria: Death Penalty for Climate Deniers and the Pope?
_An Australian professor for "systematic music psychology" at the Austrian University of Graz has called for the death penalty for "global warming deniers" and the Pope.
Wednesday, 10/10/2012
Self Inflating Tyres Invented
Goodyear's Air Maintenance Technology (AMT) system automatically keeps tires inflated to the optimum pressure by harnessing the flexing energy of the rolling tyre. Currently available only for trucks, the technology should be able to safe fuel, reduce maintenance costs, prolong the lifetime of tyres and increase safety by keeping tyres on optimal pressure.
Sunday, 09/30/2012
USA: Distrust of Mainstream Media at Record Levels
According to a Gallup poll, a solid majority of 60 percent of Americans have little or no faith in the media to report the news accurately and fairly. Only a majority of Democrats trust the mass media, while less than a third of Republicans and independents do.
Friday, 09/14/2012
Organic Foods Offer No Health Benefit
Scientists analyzed 200 studies that examined differences between organic and conventional food and found no evidence for health benefits.
Saturday, 08/18/2012
USA: Obama Creates Racial Quota System For School Discipline
_According to a new executive order, penalties for unruly students shall no longer be solely dependent on their individual behaviour, but shall depend on the student's racial and ethnic group. A new bureaucracy for African Americans is created to enforce this racial quota-system in the schools.
Thursday, 08/09/2012
USA: IRS "Loses" 5 Billion Of Taxpayer Money
The Internal Revenue Service has paid more than $5 billion in tax "refunds" to identity thieves who filed fraudulent tax returns for 2011.
Friday, 08/03/2012
Egypt: Muslims Call For Destruction of the Pyramids
_Islamist political victories in Egypt have invigorated the debate in certain circles over what to do with the country’s pre-Islamic historical sites (wich means pretty much all historical sites in Egypt).
Thursday, 07/19/2012
Papua New Guinea: Disgruntled Patients Eat 7 Witch-Doctors
Because the witch-doctors were charging exorbitant fees and even demanded sex as payment for their services, their customers have formed a group to hunt them down, eat their brains raw and making soup out of their penises.
Sunday, 07/15/2012
Vaccines Merge to Form Lethal Virus
_The usual procedure to create a vaccine against viruses is to use create a harmless version of the virus from the disease. In Australia, chickens were vaccinated with two vaccines. The two viruses from the vaccines have merged and formed a new virus, which is killing the animals.
Wednesday, 07/11/2012
USA: Tuberculosis outbreak kept secret
A tuberculosis outbreak in Jacksonville (Florida) was one of the worst in 20 years, resulting in 13 deaths and 99 illnesses, including six children. Even though the infectious strain appeared in other parts of Florida, it was kept secret from the public.
Saturday, 06/23/2012
How Microsoft Destroys Nokia
_Former Microsoft manager Stephen Elop became CEO of Nokia in 2010 - and created the worst business desaster in history.
Thursday, 06/14/2012
Windows Malware Was Undetected For More Than Two Years
_Recently, a new generation of computer malware has been detected on computers running Windows. It has now been revealed that Antivirus companies has been unable to detect these programs for years. Unlike previous malware, these programs have not been created by amateurs.
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week 24
USA: Citizens Demand "Do Not Kill List"
_As a reaction to President Obama's "Kill List", citizens now petition for a "Do Not Kill List".
week 23
Wordwide IPv6-day Ignored, Again
_Just as last year, yesterday there was "IPv6-day", but the world ignored it - what is wrong with the world?
week 21
Bullet Loans
One of the most dangerous (and until a short time ago very popular) banking "products" were so-called "bullet loans", a loan where the rates are not used for repayment, but for an investment funds which supposedly can be used to pay back the loan at the end of the loan term.
The Dying Cult of Global Warming
In it's heyday, the leader of the "global warming" cult even won the Nobel Peace Price, but in late years the whole alarmism has died down and the whole CO2-scare will soon be a thing of the past.
week 20
The Purpose of Banks
Banks fullfill a very important function in society, by storing money securely, paying interest for investors and making loans to debtors. It is especially the middle class and the poor who profit from stable banks. A rich man is able to buy a factory as an investment, mere mortals cannot and have to rely on banks.
Why One Should Not Buy Bank-Stocks
Banks are investing money, therefore their stocks are even more indirect and inscrutable than normal stock funds.
week 19
USA: Paid By The Taxpayer
_The U.S. government was not an example for fiscal responsibility for a long time (maybe never), but the Obama administration has - despite being in a recession - set new records for spending money on questionable things.
week 18
The Government and Subprime-Mortgages
Would government regulation have helped?
USA: Evidence For Fraud in 2008 Presidential Elections Surfaces
Internal emails of the Stratfor company, which provides confidential intelligence services to large corporations and government agencies, including the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the U.S. Marines and the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency, provide evidence of voting fraud in the 2008 presidential elections.
week 17
Why Funds Cannot Work in the Long Run
An investment-funds promises to earn money on the stock exchange without caring about the companies in which it is invested and without risk - unfortunately that is just an illusion.
How the Central Banks are Manipulating the Price of Gold
The German gold-expert Walter Eichelburg is forecasting a price of $20,000 per ounce.
week 16
European Central Bank Employees Fear Inflation
The employees of the ECB demand a guarantee against inflation for their pensions. The belief in the promise of stability by the central bank seems to falter.
USA: The Story Behind a "Racist Murder"
_Over the whole world the media reported the death of Trayvon Martin, but not very truthfully.
⇊ profound analysis ⇊
2nd quarter  ·  2012
How the Stock Exchange Works
Many socialists (from both the national and the international variant) see the stock exchange as some fundamentally evil institution which should be regulated, strictly controlled or even completely forbidden. The other extreme are "mainstream"-economists, most bankers and many politicians (very often the same who request strict regulation) who see the stock exchange (indirectly, through funds) as an investment or pension scheme for everybody.
The First Americans Might Have Been Europeans
_New archaeological evidence suggests that America was first discovered by Stone Age people from Europe – 10,000 years before the Siberian-originating ancestors of the American Indians set foot in the New World.
Why Iran was Cut Off the Banking System
_The reason why Iran was cut off the global Banking System (SWIFT-system) is little known.
1st quarter  ·  2012
Short Summary of the Bernie Madoff Scandal
Bernie Badoff has run the biggest private pyramid-scheme which encompassed about 65 billion dollars. How was it possible for that to happen?
US-army officer Describes Afghanistan War
_Lieutenant colonel Daniel L. Davis, who served in Operation Desert Storm, in Afghanistan in 2005-06 and in Iraq in 2008-09 has spent the whole year 2011 in Afghanistan in his second combat deployment and has interviewed more than 250 US-soldiers and many Afghan security officials, civilians and a few village elders in that time.
Summary of the Great Depression
_Officially, the Great Depression was caused by evil, anonymous and mysterious forces, but a rational investigation yields a completely different picture.
Is our security defended in Iran?
_The pacifism of the European left dissapeared together with the Red Army.
Summary of situation around Hormuz
_Also, the US has given 84 F-15 fighter jets to ally Saudi-Arabia, has declared to continue the drone campaign in Iran and has moved aircraft carrier Carl Vinson into the Arabian Sea, which has joined aircraft carrier John C. Stennis, which has been already stationed outside of the Strait of Hormuz.
4th quarter  ·  2011
Manipulation of the market basket and economic growth figures
Economic growth is officially defined as the nominal growth of the gross domestic product minus the official inflation. The inflation is calculated with a market basket. By selecting the goods in the market basket accordingly, the official figures of economic growth can be increased.
USA: Short Summary of Solyndra scandal
_In 2009, the Obama administration invested half a billion dollars in an unproven upstart energy company which was largely owned by Oklahoma's wealthiest man and Obama fundraiser George B. Kaiser via two investment vehicles. The company went bankrupt in September 2011, just as predicted two years earlier.
Short summary of Keynesianism
Keynes was his whole life a politician in the British Empire, but still he is today usually called an economist. He triggered the so-called "Keynesian Revolution", which had substantially influenced our current economic system. But what is Keynesianism and what does it mean for us today?
USA: The crime problem of "Occupy Wall Street"
_One underreported aspect of the "Occupy Wall Street" movement is the seemingly rampant crime problem which the movement itself seems to see as rather embarrassing. One branch even told rape victims not to go to the police and offered counseling - for the rapists. On top of that we saw a gang killing and a suicide within the group.
Greek bailout will cause much bigger problems in the future
_German chancellor Angela Merkel said that "it must be prevented that others come seeking a haircut". The good news is that Merkel seems to have understood moral hazard. The bad news is that there is no more a good way out of the crisis left because in the European Union, crime does pay - if on a large enough scale.
3rd quarter  ·  2011
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