let’s know Who Killed Lorenzo and Sara?

Lex Guzman, a man suspected of killing his sister Sara, the stars in the Mexican criminal thriller drama ‘Who killed Sara?’ After undergoing 18 years in prison, he was motivated to reveal the actual culprit and set his mistakes. However, he finally learned that facts were significantly more complicated than he thought.

The story of Detective Jose Ignacio Valenzuela has extraordinary talent from the star ensemble which includes Alejandro Nones, Manolo Cardona, Carolina Miranda, and Ximena Lamadrid.

Many viewers want to know who killed Lorenzo. On the online platform, there are some speculations about who attacks him. However, the moncho brother killed him. Read the full article to learn more about who killed Lorenzo and how he perished.

Who Killed Sara Who plays Lorenzo

Lorenzo was played by Luis Roberto Guzmán in the drama of the crime of tension. Luis is the Puerto Rico player who is best known for his role in Telenovela Mexico like Alborada and as a titular character in the Mexican drama El Pantera. Artists have appeared in nearly 10 films, such as Flores de la Noche cable, Gente Bien, Atascada, and Hilos. Guzmán also published its debut music composition, Bipolar, in 2008.

Who killed Lorenzo

“Who killed Sara?” Following Alex when he searched for a killer Sara and found that his sister lived a second life. Other people were killed to the end of the second season, besides Sara, including Clara, Moncho, Elroy, Lorenzo, and Sara’s father.

While Clara, Chama, and Alex all acted together to find Elisa, a dilemma appeared. Chama got a frightening call from Lorenzo about the officer, who sent him into anxiety and made him unsure what to do.

Nicandro asked Sara about the cash he took from him in the next memory. He asked him again, but he refused. Nicandro was taken to the hospital after being hit by a vehicle while riding his motorcycle. Elroy made an appearance.

Moncho’s brothers seem to have killed Lorenzo in the throat. Lorenzo’s dying order is one of the saddest moments of this series for many fans. We think this series explains more about what caused Lorenzo’s tragedy.

 who killed Sara?

Sara committed suicide, although the motive for this is unclear. In season 2, Marifer was claimed to have killed Sara by deciding a parachute string. Sara, on both sides, did not perish in the paragliding incident, while we had to think in who killed Sara Season 3.

We also learned that he perished in the hospital because of the wounds suffered in the incident, but Sara fled and was kidnapped by Reinaldo and was transported to the Medusa center.

Reinaldo exploited him and others as lab rat in his efforts to cure schizophrenia and force homosexuals to bear the treatment program. This consists of Chema, who is also depressed.

Where to watch

Season 3 of Netflix ‘Who Killed Sara?’ Currently can be accessed to be seen. See who kills Sara if you enjoy secrets and drama. The storyline will attract you. Anyone who has membership can see the performance and the previous season.

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