Where from you Watch Sonic

Over the years, we have seen a lot of speedsters. We can even say that speedsters are trending. There are flash, quicksilver, makkari, a-train, yoyo, dash, and others, but we must say that Sonic The Hedgehog always stands out no matter what.

Maybe because he is a hedgehog, or maybe because he is an interesting super cool hero who will make root for him, whatever happens. Sonic even became a blockbuster in both films!

We will tell you where you can find Sonic and what the future has for it.

Where we watch Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic The Hedgehog is available to watch by buying or renting at Amazon Prime, Apple TV, and Google Play Store. These films are also available on Netflix in certain countries.

What is Sonic

Sonic The Hedgehog is about the hedgehog named Sonic from another planet, which landed on earth ten years ago and lived in solitary since then. One sunny day, he accidentally allowed his presence to be known throughout the world and is now in escape with his role models, Sheriff, Tom Wachowski, from a crazy scientist named Dr. Robotnik, who wants to use his ability to rule the world.

In the second film, Sonic is now preparing to become a full hero. Now, he must compete against his best time and best friend, tail, to find a mysterious emerald that can destroy everything. Sonic must get there before Dr. Evil robotnics can start this trip with new partners Knuckles.

The two films were directed by Jeff Fowler and written by Pat Casey and Josh Miller, including John Whittington in the second film. The first film was released in 2020, and the second film was released in 2022.

These films are based on the video game series of the same name published by Sega. Paramount Pictures released a film.


Ben Schwartz voiced the role of Sonic, with Jim Carrey as a robotnic doctor, James Marsden as Tom Wachowski, and Tika Sumpter as Maddie Wachowski, along with Idris Elba voiced Echidna’s nets and Colleen O’Shaghnessey voiced.

there Will be a sequel

Sonic The Hedgehog was updated for the third film in early 2022. The film series will even have a spin-off series about Echidna’s finger books, released in Paramount+ in 2023. Regarding the release date for the third film, nothing has been announced yet.

More info

The news is that Jim Carrey has decided to retire from acting. As a result, it has been stated that Dr. Robotnics will not appear in future films.

Initially, Aquaman Jason Momoa’s star was considered for the role of Knuckles The Echidna, but the star Thor Idris Elba was finally finished.

There he is! Sonic has won our hearts with his innocent heroism, and we will wait enthusiastically for the next film!

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